About Maria Branch

Maria Branch was born in Mendoza, Argentina and has lived in Texas since 1995.


At an early age she discovered a passion for art and music, and that passion for the arts provided her with the drive to complete superior studies at Bellas Arts in La Plata, Buenos Aires.


Since coming to live in the U.S. she has specialized in realism, creating many pieces in still life, southwest landscape settings, adobe house scenes, and rustic-style compositions. 


She has exhibited her work at El Paso’s International Museum of Art, at “Art in The Aspens”, in Cloudcroft New Mexico, and in various expositions in the El Paso area over the past several years.  Her work demonstrates a diversity in style, composition, and texture.  These skills allow her to provide works of art to accommodate her clients in any setting or décor.

Maria gives private lessons in Oil Painting, Stained Glass, and Chinese Brush in her studio at the Center for Contemporary Arts in downtown Abilene. Call for details.

Center for Contemporary Arts ● Studio No. 10 ● 220 Cypress Street ● Abilene, Texas 79601

(325) 268-0304 ● art.mariabranch@ gmail.com

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